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Hello, Dear visitor of our site! We thank you for your interest in me !

Diego is a musician who is looking for something in common between Spain and Russia, Russian and Spanish musical cultures..

Agree, there is so much in common between our countries. Independent, free peoples have invested a great deal in the art of contemplation and playing music. Immerse yourself in Spanish rhythms through the music that Diego passes through his own heart at each performance.

"Diego" is a creative pseudonym for Dmitry Yegorov. The combination of the first letters of the name and surname symbolizes all the love, passion and passion for Spanish music, culture and language for over 15 years. It all started back in 1995. Creative biography:

1995- Moscow. 9th grade school. There is a new student in the classroom from America. Plays a guitar on string 1 "A grasshopper was sitting in the grass ..." Flash ... Camera ... Motor ... Let's go ...

2000- 1st place at the All-Russian Guitar Competition-Festival of the Music School of Variety and Jazz Art named after the Gnesins "Many Faces Guitar 2000" in the nomination "Flamenco". Jury members: Yuri Nugmanov, Ivan Smirnov, Garin A.F., Sudjyan M.A.

2002- LosLatinos. The creation of the band with Miguel Dario (Peru) and the recording of the album as a guitarist.

2005- LosGitanos. Create your own band as a singer and guitarist. Record of the album of the same name with the participation of Artem Uzunov, Vlad Vlaskin, Alexander Ostapenko, Alexander Glazov, Yevgeny Kozlov, Igor Nazarenko (recording, mixing, mastering). Collaboration with Soslan Kulumbekov, participant of the Golos project in 2012 and his band AcousticMagic.

2007- It is finished! Personal communication with PacodeLucia after the Maestro concert in Moscow. Successful passing of Spanish language exams at the Cervantes Institute, Moscow (2009) and IELTS English, St. Petersburg (2014)

2009- St. Petersburg. Getting to know and working with JosePerezGomez (Don Pepe), a Spanish chef from Switzerland. Cooperation with YoelGonzalez, Vladimir Slobodin, Maxim Agnayev, Vladimir Egorov, Yuri Bobylev, Ivan Dorzhiev, Konstantin Mets, Lonuestro group, flamenco dancers Natalia Zaykova, Marina Korobko and many others. "CallejerosExtranjeros" - participation in the Spanish television program.